Avuncular test (Peace of mind)

The avuncular DNA test is an indirect paternity test to determine if an alleged uncle or aunt is related to a niece or nephew. It can be conducted when a person's parents, grandparents and siblings are not available for DNA testing. In this test, the DNA sample taken from the person is compared with the DNA sample of his/her suspected uncle or aunt to find out whether they are biologically related or not. In some cases, the results of the avuncular test done by DNAForce is accepted as irrefutable proof of paternity by the court of law.


What should you expect?

It takes less than 24 hours to book an appointment with DNAForce. The nurse takes a swab from the inside surface of each subject's cheek and sends the samples to a laboratory for analysis. The process takes less than ten minutes and is painless. At the laboratory, DNA markers are extracted from each swab analyzed, and compared for similarities.


What does the report contain?

The report of the DNA tests will be sent to the subject by mail or email. It will contain the identity of the subjects, list of tests performed and their results, and a sworn statement by a representative of DNAForce (if it is a legal test). The report will indicate the probability that the tested aunt or uncle is related to the tested child.


Avuncular test (Peace of mind)

Price: 295 USD

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295 USD