Mitochondrial DNA Testing


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The Y-chromosome is a sex-determining chromosome that exists only in the male individual, as opposed to the X-chromosome which exists in both sexes. The Y-chromosome is passed unchanged from father to son for generations. Because of this, a Y-chromosome DNA test of two men can accurately determine the existence of a common paternal lineage between them.


What should you expect?

You can schedule an appointment with DNAForce within 24 hours. At the clinic, the nurse will take a swab from the inner surface of the cheek of both the father and son, and send the samples to the laboratory for analysis. This painless process takes less than ten minutes. You may also choose to perform this test at home with a home DNA kit. At the laboratory, up to 15 DNA markers will be separated from the swabs and they will be analyzed and tested.


What does the report contain?

The report will be delivered to you by mail, email or fax, whichever way is convenient for you. It will contain identification of the participants, a list of tests performed and their results, and a sworn statement by a representative of DNAForce (if it is a legal test). The report will clearly indicate whether the participants are biological father and son.



Additional Information

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DNA Test Fee

Kit: 550 USD
Clinic: 650 USD

Price is for 2 people

The price is for standard samples. For other sample type or for additional tested people, please call us for the price or check the price list.

Results In

approximately 20-30 business days after sample receipt.

(In certain cases, additional tests might be required in order to obtain better results. If this is the case, such tests will be done automatically by the lab at no additional costs, but it will add a few days of delays.)


How to do the test?
Select one of the three following options.

Option 1 Come to one of our clinics

Professional collection

1 Call to book an appointment.
1 800 830-6306

2 Come to your appointment in one of our service locations.

3 The nurse will collect the saliva using mouth swabs.

4 The analysis will be done in the laboratory.

5 Get your results!
by mail and/or
by email.

Option 2 Order a home collection kit

Order a home collection kit

1 Order a kit online or by phone. The kit is payable with Visa or Mastercard.

2 Receive the kit at home.

3 Do the collection by swabbing the inside of the mouth.

4 Return the samples by mail for testing. The saliva samples will last more than 60 days.

5 Get your results!
by mail and/or
by email.

Option 3 Send your samples directly to the lab

Send your samples directly to the lab

1 Print the form to fill. You will then do the collection using your own material such as Q-Tips. No kits will be sent to you by us.

2 Use Q-Tips if you intent to do a saliva collection by swabbing the inside of the mouth according to the instructions of the form.

3 Fill the page 6 of the form and include your payment: check, money order or credit card.

4 Send the samples by mail to our laboratory at the address indicated in the form on page 1.

5 Get your results!
by mail and/or
by email.