Paternity test (Court admissible)

The court admissible DNA test for paternity can be used for officials purposes. For example, to make changes on the birth certificate, for a name change, for custody battles, for inheritance cases, etc. For the court admissible DNA test, the samples will be collected under strict chain of custody rules. A neutral third-party must witness and sign-off on the collection of the samples. You may select your own third-party collector to witness the collection, or you can schedule an appointment for one our collection sites, in with case our collection will act as the witness. A case specialist will reach out to you after your order to work out the details and to make sure everything is in order.

The test includes one alleged father and one child. The results are issued in 8-10 business days counting from the day all samples are RECEIVED at our facility. Contents includes collection supplies for saliva using buccal swabs. If you select professional samples collection as an additional option, an appointment specialist will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.


Paternity test (Court admissible)

Price: 345 USD

Additional options


245 USD