Paternity test (Peace of mind)

A DNA test for paternity is the most reliable way to determine a biological link between a father and his offspring.

A test is usually done when one of the two parties suspect the presence or absence of a biological relationship with the other. It is also done for other reasons such as validating a birth certificate, or to determine the recipient of an inheritance. The result of the paternity test is accepted as the most definitive and irrefutable proof of paternity.


What should you expect?

A paternity test appointment will be scheduled for you within 24 hours of contacting DNAForce. The nurse will collect a swab from the inside of the mouth of both parties. The entire process takes less than ten minutes and is completely painless. The swabs will then be sent to a laboratory where up to 15 DNA markers from each will be extracted, analyzed and compared. The result will be sent to you by mail, email or telephone, whichever is convenient for you. Alternatively, you can perform the DNA test at home yourself.


Paternity test (Peace of mind)

Price: 245 USD

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245 USD