Sometimes, the only way to find out whether a child is the offspring of an alleged father (or mother) is to conduct a DNA test to determine if two or more people are biological children of the same person. This is known as siblingship test. This test can be performed when one or both parents are not available for testing. In certain circumstances, the result of this test is accepted as definitive proof of the paternity in legal settings.


What should you expect?

You can book an appointment within 24 hours. The nurse will take a swab from the inside of the mouth of both subjects and send it to the laboratory for testing. This process takes less than ten minutes, and is completely painless. The lab technician will separate DNA markers, analyze them and compare them to find any similarities. The result of the tests will then be delivered to you by mail or email, fax or phone.

What will the report contain?

The report will clearly state whether the subjects are the offspring of the same parent, or parents, or not. It will contain identification of the subjects and a list of the tests performed and their results. If there is any doubt, additional members of your family may be requested to undergo the test. The accuracy of the test done by DNAForce is very high and universally accepted as correct.


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